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On this site you will find information about our food services program including our breakfast program, school lunches, lunch accounts, and free and reduced lunch program. Please click on the links below for more detailed information. If you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions regarding food services, please contact Jessica D'Agnese.

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2022-2023 School Meals

FREE School Meals for all students for a LIMITED TIME.

Glastonbury Public Schools Food Services has received transition funds from the State that will allow us to begin the year by offering school lunch (and breakfast where available) to all students at no charge. These limited funds are likely to allow us to offer meals at no cost to ALL students through October or mid-November. We will let you know when funding for these free meals is exhausted and we return to paid meals.


  • At this time, in-school breakfast is available in all schools except Buttonball Lane, Hebron Avenue and Hopewell.

  • Due to federal guidelines, only one free breakfast (where available) and one free lunch are provided per student per day. Second meals will be charged to the student meal account or students can pay cash.

  • Free meals must be complete meals. If a child wants only milk, water, or any a la carte item, we will need to charge their school meal account or they can pay cash. Parents can set up a convenient online MySchoolAccount for meal payments.

FREE and Reduced Meals for Qualifying Families for the entire school year.

Those who qualify and who have registered will receive free and reduced meals for the entire school year. Households that may qualify for free or reduced meals should submit a free and reduced meal application as soon as possible to determine a student's eligibility for the remainder of the school year. Households that do not submit an application or whose child is not directly certified will automatically default to full pay when the transition funds are exhausted.

The free and reduced meals data is also used for possible eligibility for benefits, funding, and grants for many programs, Also, if you feel you may qualify for SNAP or HUSKY Medicaid benefits that will also qualify your child for free or reduced meal benefits. Please complete the application on this page as soon as possible.


Lunch options can be found on our Nutrislice site. Breakfast options usually consist of a muffin, cereal or bagel with fruit and milk.

Please note: We will try our best to serve the menu as planned. However, due to nationwide food and labor shortages, our menu may change with minimal notice. The website will be updated as quickly as possible. Parents are encouraged to check the website frequently for these possible changes.

Food Allergies: Important Note

Nationwide food supply shortages are impacting our school foods program. We are making every effort to serve the products posted on our menus. But, due to shortages, we are sometimes making last-minute substitutions. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the allergen information listed on our menu online is always up to date. At this time, if your child has severe allergies, you may want to consider packing a lunch from home. We do apologize for this inconvenience.

Please be sure to use the filter feature of our Nutrislice menu each week prior to your child receiving a school meal. Keep in mind that at this time:

  • All meals are peanut and tree-nut free.

  • Gluten-free meals are available.

  • Students should indicate the need for a gluten-free meal when lunch counts are taken in the classroom.

2022-2023 Lunch Prices

During the Fall of 2022, school meals will be free for ALL students until state funding runs out. We will notify parents when we are returning to paid meals, likely by the end of October or mid-November.

    • Grades K-6: $3.00

    • Grades 7-12: $3.50

    • Adult Lunch: $4.50

    • 8 oz. Milk: 50¢

    • 8 oz. Water/Juice: 75¢ (elementary schools)

*Complete Meals

Due to federal guidelines, free meals must be complete meals. A complete meal includes 3 out of 5 required meal components which are: whole grain, protein, fruit, vegetable, and milk. If a child wants only milk or water or any a la carte item to have with a meal brought from home, we will need to charge their school meal account.

Free and Reduced Meal Applications

Although meals are free at the beginning of this year, families are strongly encouraged to complete a free and reduced meal application if they fit income guidelines. This will ensure their free or reduced meals continue during the entire school year. Additional benefits and discounts are often provided through the application. Please see flyer below.

GPS Meal application flyer.pdf

Summer Meals Program:

Childhood food insecurity remains at unacceptable levels across the country and children are most acutely at risk in the summer when they do not have access to school meals. Children ages 18 and younger may visit Open Summer Meals sites anywhere in the state to receive a meal. There is no application, identification or commitment to participate in Summer Meals.

image of free summer meals flyer linking to website