Breakfast Program

photos of assorted fruit, vanilla yogurt, bagels, and 3 glasses of orange juice

Breakfast is available at several of our schools. 

Breakfast consists of a selection of items that are offered daily, based on availability.  Please note:

A Complete Reimbursable Breakfast Meal** 

Choose AT LEAST 3 of the 4 food items (fruit, milk, grains, meat/meat alternates).   

For best nutrition, CHOOSE ALL FOUR!

**Meals must include a serving of fruit/vegetable.


Choose One

•  Fresh Whole Fruit

• Canned Fruit

• Fresh Cut-up Fruit

• 100% Fruit Juice (offered 2x/week)

• Fresh Vegetable


Choose One

•  Skim

• Low-Fat

• Fat Free Chocolate

Grains & Meat/ Meat Alternates

Choose One OR Two

•  Whole-Grain Cereal

• Whole-Grain Muffins

• Bagel

• Yogurt

• Cheese Stick