Central Operations


Central Operations is the collective group of Educational Administrators, Finance, and Human Resources personnel who work to ensure that Glastonbury Public Schools fulfills its mission. 

Educational Administration

Educational administrators in our district include the superintendent, assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, the assistant superintendent for administration and personnel, administrator for pupil services, as well as school principals and curriculum directors. Together, these administrators work in partnership with the entire community to prepare and challenge every student to become a successful and productive member of our diverse and evolving global society. Promoting high achievement for all students is the primary goal of our school system. Our educational administrators also work to ensure the support, growth and accountability of all staff and work to build a 21st century learning environment for students. 

Finance and Human Resources

Finance and Human Resources personnel facilitate the educational process by supporting staff and students. We are committed to ensuring everyone has the resources needed to maintain a quality educational system and that Glastonbury Public Schools is a great place to work. Our responsibilities are listed below.   See the links below for more information, as well.

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Central Operations

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