Student Insurance

It is the responsibility of parents to provide health insurance coverage for their children. The Glastonbury Board of Education does not indemnify parents who do not have insurance coverage for their children.

Student accident insurance is offered to all parents at a modest cost. This accident insurance can supplement your existing family health insurance or can be purchased as stand-alone coverage. The Glastonbury Board of Education approves the offering of student accident insurance but does not act as agent, administrator, or arbitrator should a dispute or claim arise.

Student Accident Insurance

Choice of THREE School Approved Insurance Plans 

Pays Regardless of Other Insurance.  Dental coverage can be combined with accident coverage.

Around-the-Clock Coverage

Around-the-clock/anywhere in the world 24 hours a day; until one year after the date the Policy coverage begins. Coverage ends when school reopens the following school year. Covers eligible injuries resulting from covered accidents: 

At-School Coverage

Dental Coverage