Glastonbury Board of Education


Board Votes on Final 2020-2021 Budget

On April 6, 2020 the Board of Education voted on the final education budget for the 2020-2021 school year. Accounts from the Board's originally projected budget from January needed to be reduced by $290,000. This was to accommodate projections that have increased since January (special education and classified staff retirement obligations). In addition, the Town Council reduced the education budget by $559,043 for a total of nearly $850,000 in reductions.

The Board targeted reductions in areas they felt would have the least impact on student instruction. The following budget lines were impacted: operations and maintenance, utilities, fuel, transportation, athletics technology, classroom equipment, technology printers, substitute teachers, and special education tuition.

In addition, the Board made the difficult decision not to hire two elementary library media specialists to fill the positions of two librarians who are retiring in June. Next school year, each elementary school library will remain open five days a week. However, two of those days the library will be staffed by a full-time paraprofessional. Our elementary library media specialists will each be covering more than one elementary school.

The Board monitors class sizes throughout the spring and summer. They will make any necessary staffing adjustments to accommodate enrollment.

Board of Education 2020-2021 Budget Documents/Presentations (Current Year)

Budget documents will be added here as they become public.

Budget Development Process


  • Administrators/program managers develop staff requests
  • Staff requests and justifications complied by Central Operations staff
  • Reviewed by superintendent
  • Administrators/program managers budget request discussions with Superintendent

October - November

  • Superintendent and staff review and budget information
  • Central Operations prepares budget information for Superintendent's Proposed Budget document


  • Distribute Superintendent's Proposed Budget
  • Superintendent's Proposed Budget reviewed by Board of Education members


  • Board of Education holds public workshops
  • Board of Education makes recommendations on budget changes
  • Completion of Board of Education budget changes
  • Approval of Board of Education budget
  • Preparation of budget document for presentation to the Town
  • Annual Town Meeting/Presentation of Town and Education Budget


  • Respond to Town Council and Board of Finance questions
  • Town Council Meeting/Approval of Town and Education Budgets

Board of Education 2019-2020 Budget Documents/Presentations (Last Year)

Board of Education Budget Archives (Past Years)