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Board Votes on Final 2023-24 Budget

On March 27, 2023, the Board of Education finalized the school budget for next school year. The Board reduced the budget by $460,000 as required by a Town Council vote. The Board focused on budget items that would not directly impact student instruction.

Three budget lines were adjusted. The magnet school tuition line was adjusted by $140,000. This reflects additional Open Choice student funding our district will receive. The fuel budget line was decreased by $60,000. This is because the Town locked in a more favorable diesel rates than that originally projected last year. Lastly, the out-of-district tuition line was adjusted by $260,000. These savings are possible because more Glastonbury students are attending our in-house LINKS Academy program rather than being outplaced to more expensive programs.  These changes are included in the Final Budget linked below.

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