Glastonbury Board of Education


Board Votes on Final 2022-2023 School Budget

On March 28, 2022, the Board of Education finalized the school budget for next year. The Board requested a 3.25% budget increase. The Town Council reduced this by $300,000. Budget lines were also adjusted to fund eight more high school teaching positions than previously anticipated.

The most significant reduction was to the district's health reserve balance. The fund has a healthy surplus. The reduction benefits staff members and taxpayers who share the burden of health insurance premiums.

The increase in faculty is due to several factors. First, more students will be attending GHS next year than assumed in the original budget. Second, GHS students are now required by the state to take 25 rather than 21 credits. Lastly, the new GHS block schedule provides a guaranteed lunch period so significantly more students scheduled 7.5 or 8 courses next year instead of 6 or 7, which was more common in the past.

By far, the extra courses students are enrolling in are electives, including STEAM courses such as technology, art, and computer science, as well as business and agricultural science classes. The breadth of course offerings is one of the many strengths of GHS. We are excited to provide these classes for interested and motivated students next year.

Board of Education 2022-2023 Budget Documents/Presentations

Documents will be posted here as soon as they are available.

Budget Development Process


  • Administrators/program managers develop staff requests

  • Staff requests and justifications complied by Central Operations staff

  • Reviewed by superintendent

  • Administrators/program managers budget request discussions with Superintendent

October - November

  • Superintendent and staff review and budget information

  • Central Operations prepares budget information for Superintendent's Proposed Budget document


  • Distribute Superintendent's Proposed Budget

  • Superintendent's Proposed Budget reviewed by Board of Education members


  • Board of Education holds public workshops

  • Board of Education makes recommendations on budget changes

  • Completion of Board of Education budget changes

  • Approval of Board of Education budget

  • Preparation of budget document for presentation to the Town

  • Annual Town Meeting/Presentation of Town and Education Budget


  • Respond to Town Council and Board of Finance questions

  • Town Council Meeting/Approval of Town and Education Budgets

Board of Education 2021-2022 Budget Documents/Presentations (Current Year)

Board of Education Budget Archives (Past Years)