2023-2028 Strategic Plan

Be Kind. Be Curious. Be Well. Our district tagline captures the focus and direction of the Glastonbury Public Schools Sixth Generation Strategic Plan. The plan voices the district mission, core values, beliefs about learning, and vision of the graduate (the “why”), our strategic goals (the “what”), and our action plan (the “how”). 

Student success is the essence of our work. As a preK-12 learning community, our goal is for every graduate to develop important skills that will help them to be successful now and in the future. We will empower students to be active learners, curious thinkers, resilient individuals, and compassionate citizens. 

The Board of Education lists our specific powers and duties in our bylaws. First on that list is the responsibility to set goals and objectives for the district and to annually review progress toward meeting those goals and objectives. In addition, the Board is responsible for adopting revisions in the curriculum upon the recommendation of the superintendent of schools. Thus, over the next five years, many of the actions and strategies identified herein will come to the Board for review and approval. We will see program and school reports, curricular and policy changes, new course proposals, and budget requests. 

The strategic plan sets forth a shared understanding for our community to support the educational practices of Glastonbury Public Schools. We offer sincere thanks to the educators who worked passionately to develop this plan.     

Glastonbury Board of Education, July 10, 2023



Glastonbury Public Schools empowers all students to be active learners and compassionate individuals who thrive in our global community. 

Core Values

Be Kind.  We value and develop respectful, caring relationships within an inclusive school environment. We are committed to ensuring that every student feels that they belong, are understood, and are valued. 

Be Curious.  Curiosity is at the heart of learning. By nurturing students to be curious about others and the world around them, we lay the foundation for students to be active learners who pursue their individual goals, passions, and interests. 

Be Well.  We support our school community by being role models of healthy behavior and good decision-making. Social, emotional, and physical well-being are all important components of educating the whole child. 

Beliefs About Learning

We believe that:

Vision of the Graduate

This document includes a detailed image description:


Colorful venn diagram with the words Be Kind, Be Curious, Be Well surrounding the diagrams. Text in the 3 circles reads 1) Safe, Supportive & Inclusive; 2) Active Learning and High Expectations; 3) Student & Staff Wellbeing. Text in section that intersects the circles reads Glastonbury Public Schools.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: Promote active learning and high expectations for all students.

Goal 2: Provide safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments.

Goal 3: Prioritize the health and well-being of students and staff. 


Goal 1: 

Promote active learning and high expectations for all students. 

Theory of Action:  If we thoughtfully design instruction that is responsive and student-centered, all students will be active participants who own their learning and are able to achieve their personal goals. 

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Goal 1 Actions/Strategies

Goal 2: 

Provide safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments. 

Theory of Action:  If we create and maintain learning environments in which each member of the community is safe, supported, and included, all students and staff will be able to achieve at high levels. 

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Goal 2 Actions/Strategies

Goal 3: 

Prioritize the health and well-being of students and staff.

Theory of Action:  If we provide robust opportunities to develop the health and well-being of each individual, all members of the school community will thrive. 

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Goal 3 Actions/Strategies

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