Mission and Strategic Plan


Bright Futures Begin Here!

Our new district tagline, Bright Futures Begin Here, captures the focus and direction of our GPS Fifth Generation Strategic Plan. The revised plan articulates district values, vision, mission and goals that prepare our students to succeed in this dynamic world.

Our plan reflects a self-directed challenge to anticipate the impact of new trends in technology, careers, economics, safety and other emerging factors on our students’ lives and well-being. Our analysis of what is worth teaching and learning in this contemporary age has influenced all aspects of this design.

Student success is the essence of our work. Our vision, mission and goals aim to empower every student. Through this plan, we encourage all students to discover their unique talents, skills and life choices. Academic, social, and civic development is interrelated. Learning habits and critical thinking skills are requisite components of the curriculum. High quality instruction is imperative. Family and community engagement provides vital partnerships. Safe and supportive learning environments are critical.

This plan guides district, school and department actions, resource allocation, and outcomes evaluation over the next five years. It ensures a shared understanding and commitment to the educational process in Glastonbury.

We offer sincere thanks to the Board of Education, district staff, parents and Town Council members who worked passionately to develop this plan. The collaboration of these committee members portrays the value placed on education by our entire community.

Click here to access the full Fifth Generation Strategic Plan.

Vision & Mission

Glastonbury Public Schools empowers all students to develop their unique abilities as collaborative, innovative, compassionate, and contributing members of a dynamic global society.

Organizational Values

• We place the education and welfare of our students at the center of all decision-making.

• We hold high expectations for the development and achievement of every student.

• We cultivate innovative practices to meet changing conditions and needs.

• We respect and nurture the partnership between school, home and community members.

• We attract and support quality personnel who champion our values, mission and goals.

• We provide necessary resources to support our educational practices with an understanding of our fiscal responsibilities to the community.

Our vision and mission reflect our district values and are achieved through our strategic goals.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1:

Foster High Expectations of All Students

A. Teach a guaranteed standards-based curriculum aligned across grades and disciplines.

B. Develop students’ strategic learning and innovative capacities to meet real world demands.

C. Support students’ academic, social, and emotional development through tiered instructional conditions.

D. Optimize instruction through use of high leverage teaching practices and assessments.

E. Engage families and the community as educational partners.

Goal 2:

Maintain Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

A. Maintain physical safety through adherence to district, state and national policies and practices.

B. Ensure emotional and intellectual safety through adherence to district safe school climate program and bullying prevention processes.

C. Engage in practices that promote social justice and civic responsibility.

D. Refine protocols to engage all students.

E. Uphold cybersecurity measures to protect students, families, staff, data and infrastructure.

Goal 3:

Model a Learning Environment that Prepares Students for their Futures

A. Integrate evolving instructional technology to personalize and optimize teaching and learning.

B. Incorporate instructional conditions that promote teamwork, collaboration, problem solving and innovation.

C. Partner with the community, businesses and institutions of higher education to integrate college and career ready learning opportunities.

D. Collaborate with the community to cultivate a healthy, compassionate and civic-minded society.