School Meal Menus

Glastonbury school lunch menus are available to view and print through the Nutrislice interactive website

Click below to visit Nutrislice

image of nutrislice logo, an orange slice, with text that reads "Nutrislice Interactive Menus."

Nutrislice App

You may also add the Nutrislice app to your phone. Search nutrislice  in the app store and enter Glastonbury Public Schools into the downloaded app.

Printing Options

Nutrislice replaces the pdf menus we have produced in the past. You can quickly print a customized menu. Just click the print icon (top, right) and select your print settings in the right sidebar. Check the box to fit to page. You can also check boxes to include specific nutritional information in the print out.

Nutrislice Features

Nutrition Information 

Click on the underlined food item to view. (Information for some food items is still being added.)

Allergen Information

Look for the  universal symbols (e.g., GF for gluten free, wheat stalk for wheat, etc.). There is also a filter option (top, right). You can select specific allergens, then click the "X" and the menu will appear with all foods containing the allergens crossed off. A yellow exclamation point indicates that the allergen information has not yet been entered.

Food Allergies: Important Note 

Nationwide food supply shortages are impacting our school foods program. We are making every effort to serve the products posted on our menus. But, due to shortages, we are sometimes making last-minute substitutions. Therefore, we can not guarantee that the allergen information listed on our menu online is always up to date. At this time, if your child has severe allergies, you may want to consider packing a lunch from home. We do apologize for this inconvenience.

Please be sure to use the filter feature of our Nutrislice menu each week prior to your child receiving a school meal. Keep in mind that at this time:

Important Payment Reminders

Gluten Free and Vegetarian 

Gluten Free meals are prepared for students with medical documentation. Elementary Schools: Students must let their teacher know if they are purchasing a gluten free meal each morning when lunch counts are recorded. Secondary Schools: We do not receive lunch counts at higher grades. However, if a student will be purchasing these meals on a regular basis, it would be helpful to let our cafeteria or the Director of Food Services know in advance. 

Vegetarian and gluten free meals are indicated on the school menu.

Breakfast Menu

Click here to learn about our breakfast program and the daily menu.