School Meal Menus

Please click on the links below for our school meal menus each month.

Breakfast Menu

Click here to learn about our breakfast program and the daily menu.

Important Payment Reminders

  • Payments made online at can be allocated to either meal plan or a la carte.
  • Meal plan funds can be used for complete meals only
  • A La Carte funds can be used for meals and/or additional/extra items (snacks, water, juice, etc)
  • Purchase of extra items (snacks, water, juice) will only be allowed if there are funds available in the a la carte portion of the account.

Gluten Free and Vegetarian Meals—Look for the symbol on our menus.

    • Gluten Free meals are prepared for students with medical documentation. Elementary Schools: Students must let their teacher know if they are purchasing a gluten free meal each morning when lunch counts are recorded. Secondary Schools: We do not receive lunch counts at higher grades. However, if a student will be purchasing these meals on a regular basis, it would be helpful to let our cafeteria or the Director of Food Services know in advance.
    • Vegetarian meals are indicated on the school menu using the symbol you see to the right.
symbol for gluten-gree food. The letters "G" and "F" in a circle
symbol for vegetarian food. green stem and leaf