Activity Bus

Glastonbury Public Schools offers activity buses for students staying after Glastonbury High School, Smith Middle School, and Gideon Welles School for clubs, sports, extra help, and other activities.

Both Smith Middle School and Gideon Welles School first transport students by bus to the high school where they can then pick up the activity buses. The buses leave from Glastonbury High School shortly after 4 p.m. on school days.

The routes are arranged by geographical regions in town: North, South, East-1, East-2, Southeast and Northeast.

Activity Buses: Important Information

  • Activity buses do not run on Thursdays.

  • Activity buses do not run on the last day before a vacation week or on the day before a federal holiday.

  • New for SMS: The activity bus now DOES run on Fridays (just like it does for GHS and GWS).

Please click here for Activity Bus Routes.