Welcome to Glastonbury Public Schools!

We look forward to working with you to provide an exceptional educational experience for your child. If we can assist in any way, please do not hesitate to contact our registration coordinator at or 860-652-7940.

If you plan to enroll your child at a magnet school for kindergarten, you still MUST register with Glastonbury Public Schools.

Kindergarten Registration for the 2024-2025 school year is OPEN!

Kindergarten Age Change

Connecticut has joined the large majority of states in our country that require children to be 5 years old before September 1 to start kindergarten. The cut-off date used to be January 1. This change will narrow the age and developmental ranges of kindergarten classes. It will help ensure kindergarten students arrive ready to learn and thrive.

Glastonbury Public Schools will phase in this change over two years. This will assist families searching for childcare spots that are both hard to find and expensive. It will also help the school system in managing staffing levels. 

Please note the following age requirements for kindergarten students:

3 Steps to Register Your Kindergarten Student

Please review and follow the three steps below to register your kindergarten student at Glastonbury Public Schools.

1. Carefully review the following: 

Residency Requirements Policy and Regulations 5118  

Elementary School District by Street (to find your home elementary school if needed) 

2. Complete the Online New Student Pre-Registration process: 

Click on the Pre-Register button below. You will create a new account first. Save your login information in case you need to return to this site. Please note, your registration is not complete until you have completed step #3. 

3. Email the Registrar:

Instead of scheduling an in-person appointment, please email the registration coordinator to let her know you have completed step  2 online pre-registration.  Please include your child(rens) name(s) and indicate whether you have loaded up the necessary forms into the program or if you will email the forms. The registration coordinator will contact you to let you know when the registration process is complete. Send any email to:

*Please continue with the registration process even if the health form is not yet complete. Submit this form as soon as possible, as the health record must be on file prior to the student's first day of school; but do not delay the registration process while waiting to complete the physical exam.

Families with Unstable Housing

image of backpacks with text "school is for matter what. and the CSDE logo

Your housing situation may be unsteady right now, but no matter what, your child always has a place in school. Reach out for confidential help and support. Learn more at If you are experiencing homelessness or unstable housing, please contact Administrator for Pupil Services Kimberly Brown for confidential help.

Tu situación de vivienda puede ser inestable ahora mismo, pero tu hijo siempre tendrá un lugar en la escuela. Conéctate por ayuda y apoyo. Si no tiene hogar o tiene una vivienda inestable, comuníquese con la Administradora de Servicios Estudiantiles, Kimberly Brown, para obtener ayuda confidencial. 

A Few Important Notes 

Kindergarten Orientation and Visitation:  

Please see the Kindergarten Orientation page for more information.

Withholding Child from Kindergarten

If you plan to withhold your child from kindergarten for the school year, Connecticut State Law 98-243 requires that you personally appear at the Glastonbury Public Schools Central Office and sign a document indicating that your child will be held out for the year. The purpose of the legislation is not to interfere with the rights of parents but to provide information to assist in making an informed decision. Please contact our registration coordinator at 860-652-7940 or to have the withholding form emailed to you. 

We look forward to welcoming your child to kindergarten!