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The federal COVID-19 health emergency expired in May of 2023. Glastonbury Public Schools will start the 2023-2024 school year without most of the COVID-19 practices we have followed in the past few years, e.g. masking, isolations, quarantines, and public reporting of the number of cases. However, COVID-19 continues to circulate. As always, students and staff should take simple actions such as staying home when sick, washing hands, and covering their mouths when coughing and sneezing. We will continue to clean and ventilate our schools. 

Our district will keep parents informed and adjust our practices if the level of community transmission requires a return to COVID-19 practices to support the health and safety of students and staff.

Please see the COVID-19 Dashboard and additional resources below.  

COVID-19 Dashboard

Glastonbury Public Schools will provide transparent and accurate data on COVID-19 cases in our schools. We will also maintain student and staff member privacy.

COVID Dashboard

Local, State, and National Resources

District Communications 

Recent Emails Sent to Parents Regarding Coronavirus and School Operations

Videos and Flyers for Parents, Students, and Staff

iHealth Test Kit Directions

Vaccines and Safety

How to Wear a Mask

Handwashing Demo

Stop the Spread of Germs

CDC Stop_the_spread_vaccinated.pdf

Vaccine for Teens/Children

CDC COVID-19-Vaccine-for-Preteens_Teens-508.pdf

Improve Mask Protection

CDC improve-how-your-mask-works-for-you.pdf

Students:  Care for Yourself

CDC Students-Care-for-Yourself.pdf

Archived District Communications 

Past Emails Sent to Parents Regarding Coronavirus and School Operations