Curriculum Development & Review

Curriculum Development Process

We define curriculum as the collective content, instructional strategies, assessments, literacies and learning rituals that students need to achieve identified learning outcomes. Our curriculum is based on standards that define the knowledge and skills students should acquire during their K-12 education in order to graduate college and career ready.

Curriculum is developed, implemented and assessed for all subject areas and at all grade levels. Curriculum is mapped, stored and shared through an electronic repository, Atlas Rubicon.

Much of our current course, unit and lesson development is in response to the Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning Outcomes set forth by state and local expectations. The district works to develop and refine curriculum so that all students achieve a consistent and rigorous set of learning outcomes.

Curriculum development is an ongoing process that requires the collective expertise of certified staff. Generally, teams include curriculum directors, content area teachers, library media specialists, PACE resource teachers, language arts resource teachers, and special education teachers to create a differentiated and interdisciplinary approach to curriculum development and lesson planning.

Curriculum Review Process

The foundation of an exemplary curriculum is a comprehensive curriculum review and improvement process. In Glastonbury, the Curriculum Review is a formal process through which we systematically examine and improve our curriculum. The ultimate purpose of the review is to guarantee rigorous and relevant learning outcomes for all students that prepare them as “college and career ready.” Toward that end, the reviews provide insight into current practices and offer critical feedback for revisions. The reviews are completed departmentally across grade levels through highly collaborative contributions of community stakeholders.

The Curriculum Review process takes place over a five-year period of time. On a daily basis, Glastonbury Public Schools' Curriculum Directors provide coordination and leadership in each subject area. Classroom teachers and principals are integrally involved in the development and the implementation and oversight of the curriculum.

Curriculum Reviews Recently Completed