BOE Budget

Budget Update

On April 24, 2017 the Board of Education voted to identify over $3.3 million in reductions from next year's 2017-2018 education budget. The majority of these reductions (over $3 million) were required by the Glastonbury Town Council in response to Governor Malloy's proposed reduction in state education funding. An additional $250,000 was reduced in order to accommodate a decrease in personnel turnover savings expected next year. This exceptionally large budget reduction presents many challenges for our district. However, the Board of Education worked in earnest to prepare a final budget that would preserve the priority our district places on student instruction.

In anticipation of this deep reduction in education funding for next year, the district implemented a budget freeze starting on March 1 of this year. It is expected the budget freeze will save nearly $640,000 which will be carried over in support of next year's budget.

In addition, the following programs were reduced to meet the education budget set by the Town Council: Technology replacement was reduced by $640,000. This reduction will prevent us from replacing technology that is no longer functional, such as many of the computer labs at GHS. Utilities and fuel budgets were reduced by $400,000. Supplies and equipment throughout the district were reduced by over $375,000. This includes everything from custodial supplies and music equipment to athletic uniforms and classroom supplies and furniture. High school staffing was reduced by 3.6 teachers, including a math, a foreign language, a health, and .6 of a special education position, for a combined salary/benefits savings of approximately $250,000. Two administrative positions will be reduced for a combined salary/benefits savings of approximately $240,000. Instructional materials were cut throughout the school system for a savings of over $190,000. Several classified staff positions, including van drivers, monitors, and office support staff, will not be filled next year for a savings of approximately $180,000. And curriculum development and professional development programs were reduced by $130,000. Other programs affected include magnet school and special education tuition as well as special projects.

As always, the Board will continue to monitor class sizes through the spring and summer and will make any necessary staffing adjustments to accommodate student enrollment.

Board of Education Budget Documents/Presentations for the 2017–2018) School Year