Board of Education

Glastonbury Board of Education members:
(left to right) 
Rosemary Coggeshall, Jeremy Grieveson,
Susan Karp, Eric George, Julie Thompson, Douglas Foyle, Lillian Tanski, and Chittaranjan Sahay  

Please direct routine phone calls to the Central Office at 860-652-7961. 

Glastonbury Board of Education Members
 Susan Karp, Chairman  860-633-5603
 Jeremy Grieveson, Vice Chairman   860-633-3166 
 Douglas C. Foyle, Ph.D., Secretary  860-306-0602 
 Rosemary Coggeshall   860-633-3808 
 Eric George  860-305-1530
 Chittaranjan Sahay, Ph.D.   860-659-3828
 Lillian Tanski 
 Julie M. Thompson   860-430-5984

GHS Student Representatives: 
Emma DiLauro, Class of 2017
Victoria Han, Class of 2016