Summer Camps

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Welcome to: Summer Enrichment Camps 2017
It is time to plan for those summer activities that inspire and nurture our Glastonbury students. Our menu of Summer Enrichment Camps provides many rewarding and fun filled opportunities for students of all ages. There are new offerings and old favorites on several topics. Enjoy browsing through the flyers. For your convenience, please view our 
Summer Enrichment 2017 Camps-At-A-Glance.

Summer 2017 Offerings 

Please refer to camp flyers for times and locations. 

No camps will be held on July 4, 2017. 

Click on the Glastonbury Online Web Store to register for these camps: 

Bringing Books to Life through Play for students entering grades K-2 & 3-5
     June 26 – 30 and July 24 – 28
Coding Camp Summer 2017 for students entering grades 6-8
     July 10 – 14
iCode with Dash Robot for students entering grades 4-6
     June 26 – 29, July 10 – 13 and July 17 – 20
Summer Chess Camp for students entering grades 2-12
     July 10 – 14 and July 17 – 21
Summer Prose 2017 for students entering grades 6-9
     June 21 – 27
Tomahawk Training Camp for students entering grades 9-12
     July 24 – 28, July 31 – Aug 4 and Aug 7 – 11

Click on the link on the flyer to register for Foreign Language Camps: 

ELL Summer Camps for students entering grades K-1, 2-4 & 5-8 
    June 26 – July 14 
French Summer Camp for students entering grades 3-6 
    June 26 – July 14 
Spanish Summer Camp for students entering grades 2-5 
    June 26 – July 14 
Discover Chinese Camps for students entering grades 1-6 
    June 28 – July 21 
Discover Chinese Camps for students entering grades 7-12 
    June 28 – July 21 
Discover Chinese Camps for students enrolling in Chinese in 2017-18 at Gideon Welles 
    June 28 – July 21 
Discover Russian Camps for students entering grades 3-6 
    June 28 – July 21 
Discover Russian Camps for students entering grades 7-12 
    June 28 – July 21 


Summer Enrichment Camps are self-supporting and are designed and facilitated by staff. There is no cost to the Board of Education as camp tuition covers the costs of teacher salaries and supplies. Chinese and Russian camps are partially funded by STARTALK, a grant program of the National Security Education Program.

If you are unable to register online, print out and complete this Summer Enrichment Camps 2017 Registration Form. Registrations will not be accepted without the emergency information completed. This information will be kept confidential and will be destroyed at the end of the camp. A separate form must be filled out for each student and each camp. Hard copy registrations may be mailed to the address indicated on the camp flyer or returned directly to the Camp Coordinator. See the camp flyer for contact information.

NOTE: Summer Chess Camp registration is not available online. Follow the directions on the camp flyer for registration and payment. 


Parents/Guardians of students using Glastonbury online will receive an emergency contact/health information form from the camp coordinator. This form is to be returned to the camp coordinator either on or before the first day of camp. The camp coordinator will keep this information with him/her and will honor the confidentiality of ALL information. This form will be destroyed upon the completion of the summer camp. 


Registration fees and payment information are indicated on the camp flyer. You may register and pay by credit card (Mastercard or Visa) on Glastonbury Online Web Store. For hard copy registration, cash or checks (payable to the title of the camp) are forwarded with the Summer Enrichment Camps 2017 Registration Form to the Camp Coordinator. 


Summer enrichment camps are funded through participant tuition. Should there be insufficient enrollment to run the camp, the full registration fee will be refunded. To withdraw from a camp, contact the camp coordinator. Refund deadlines may apply. 


Admission to the camps will be based on order of receipt of completed registration forms. The Camp Coordinator will confirm registration via email or phone. 


There is the expectation that students will attend all sessions. Students are expected to arrive on time and, if being transported, picked up promptly at the end of the session. 


Transportation is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian. Please be prompt when picking up students. 


Student behavioral expectations are the same as during the regular school year. All school rules apply.