Student Insurance

It is the responsibility of parents to provide health insurance coverage for their children. The Glastonbury Board of Education does not indemnify parents who do not have insurance coverage for their children.

Student accident insurance is offered to all parents at a modest cost. This accident insurance can supplement your existing family health insurance or can be purchased as stand alone coverage. Literature is mailed with the school calendar at the beginning of the school year and is available through school offices and as new students become part of the school community during the year. The Glastonbury Board of Education approves the offering of student accident insurance, but is does not act as agent, administrator, or arbitrator should a dispute or claim arise.

Student Accident Insurance

Choice of TWO School Approved Insurance Plans with optional $50,000 Extended Dental Benefit

Pays Regardless of Other Insurance

School Time Accident Coverage

Insurance coverage for the hours and days when school is in session and while attending sponsored and supervised activities on or off the school premises.

  • During school year
  • Travel to and from school
  • School supervised and sponsored activities
  • Religious services

Full Time 24 Hour Accident Coverage

Insurance coverage is in force around the clock. It becomes effective on the earliest of the following:

  1. The first day of school if signed enrollment form and premium is received before the seventh school day, or
  2. The date the enrollment form and premium are received by the school administrator.
  • Any covered activity - Any place - Any time - Anywhere
  • 24 hours a day including summer
  • Covers weekends and vacation periods
  • Insurance protection at home or while away