Equity & Social Justice

Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism Efforts at Glastonbury Public Schools

Culturally Responsive Education Resources

Posted June 16, 2021

As part of our goal to foster high achievement for all students, Glastonbury Public Schools strives to provide culturally responsive education. Our teachers are trained in teaching strategies that respect and respond to student background knowledge, experience, situation, and environment.

Glastonbury Public School's Equity and Social Justice Commitment

It is our goal to provide equal opportunities for success to every student of Glastonbury Public Schools. We also recognize that racism and privilege are present in our society. Therefore, as a district, we commit to:

    1. Examining the bias and privilege that exists in our lives, in the systems we create and support, and in our culture

    2. Working as a team to dismantle the structures and practices that support inequality, privilege, and racism

    3. Actively supporting each other to acknowledge, celebrate, and appreciate differences

    4. Teaching an anti-biased curriculum in a culturally responsive way

We are ready to name the challenges in our institution. We will stand together to promote equity and elevate the experience of our students and educators.

Anti-Bias and Anti-Racism Action Steps:

District Equity and Social Justice Committee

The Equity and Social Justice Committee was created during the summer of 2020 to address issues of bias and racism in our school district. Committee membership includes administrators, teachers, students and parents. Committee minutes and detailed action plans will be posted on this webpage. Among the initial committee tasks are:

Curriculum. Review and update curriculum and policies. Work together with directors in each curricular area.

Instruction. Improve culturally responsive teaching. Provide training in instructional strategies to help teachers respond to student background knowledge, experience, situation, and environment.

Student Diversity. Review Open Choice participation. We have recently received a new grant to support our choice students’ experiences and provide additional support and resources.

Staff Diversity. Improve minority recruitment. Research employment fairs and other resources to reach a more diverse employee pool.

Opportunity. Explore means to increase curricular and co-curricular opportunities for students of color. This will include a focus on systemic barriers that may affect class leveling, academic program participation, athletic and club participation, etc.

School Culture. Determine where our schools may be falling short in promoting understanding, respect, caring, problem solving, conflict resolution, anti-bullying, etc.

Additional Steps

  1. Consult with Dr. Tonya Claiborne, Diversity and Equity Consultant, Glastonbury resident, and Assistant Professor of Practice at Relay Graduate School of Education (click here for Dr. Claiborne's bio). Develop culturally responsive training and anti-racism/anti-bias training modules for all staff. (on-going)

  2. Add anti-racism and anti-bias texts to our district’s professional lending library. (on-going)

  3. Create an internal staff website with resources to support our collective effort to create equitable learning in our schools. (July 2020)

  4. Invite all faculty to read How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. (summer 2020)

  5. Offer summer professional development sessions for staff that include: Multicultural Literature for Elementary Classrooms, How to Guide Students through Conversations about Systemic Inequities, Building Equity in Social Studies, English/Language Arts and Foreign Language classes. (summer 2020)

  6. Provide all new faculty with anti-racism/anti bias training during teacher orientation. (August 2020)