Summer Math

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Glastonbury Public Schools 2018

Just like reading, regular practice over the summer with problem solving, computation and math facts will maintain and strengthen the mathematical gains you made over the school year. Inevitably, as we enter August, we cannot help but think about the start of the new school year. Summer Reading and "Summer Math Packets" become a priority and a challenge to fit in to the fun activities of the summer. Almost all of our "summer math packets" (please scroll below) are optional. 

We would actually prefer if mathematics was as entwined in our every day thinking as reading is. This article highlighting a Harvard study, offers the specifics of four ways to integrate math into the fun of summer.

1. Highlight the math in every day activities. 
2. Read short math stories together
3. Play math games.
4. Find small ways to practice math at home. Our summer challenge problem for every one can be tackled as a family or as individuals. Multiple methods to solve the problem can be shared, defended, and discussed.

Are you interested in becoming a powerful math learner? Stanford University offers a self-paced online course for students of all ages to explore mathematical learning more deeply. Just visit our How to Learn Math page for more information.

There is no need for math to be a chore in the summer. Enjoy the math in the world around us!

Mathematically yours,
Mrs. Quinn-Alger

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For students entering grades 1-7: Get ready to discover mathematics all around you this summer! BedtimeMath.Org is a wonderful resource for daily math investigations. 

We have also developed diverse and creative mathematics activities for families and children to do together in a calendar format. The goal is for students to have fun with math. However, there is no requirement to return the calendar or any finished math tasks to school in the fall. Each month’s activities are organized into “math days.” You can choose which activities you’d like to complete on which day. Please scroll down for activities by grade level.

For students entering grades 8-12: We are have developed voluntary math reviews for most math grade 8-12 math courses. Please visit the Grades 8-12 Summer Math page for these reviews..

We welcome any feedback you have on these math experiences.

Have a great summer vacation!

Please Note:  Some of the elementary calendar activities may refer to additional materials or directions. These activities are marked with a red asterisk ( * ) on the calendar. The necessary materials are available in the second list below. Click here for a Calendar Answer Key for students entering Grades 1 through 6

Summer Activities by Grade entering in Fall 2018

Entering 7th Grade

July and August Calendars 7th Grade 
Calendars Answer Key 7th Grade

Entering 8th-12th Grade

Please click here for 8th-12 grade reviews

Ways to Support Math at Home

  1. Practice and reinforce number facts though the repetition of games, real life problems, songs, etc.
  2. Model and share how you use math in real life. For example, estimate and calculate time, money, and measurement when completing house and yard projects, or when cooking, shopping, or traveling.
  3. Play board games together.