Elementary School Redistricting

Background Information

On December 12, 2016 the Glastonbury Board of Education made the difficult decision to close Eastbury Elementary School following the 2017-2018 school year. The vote was based on declining student enrollment and the Board's commitment to provide a high quality education for students at a reasonable cost to taxpayers.

Redistricting of elementary schools will take place for the 2018-2019 school year. The Board of Education is currently reviewing three elementary school redistricting options prepared by a consultant as well as parent comments and feedback. 

Redistricting Information Nights were held at each elementary school throughout April 2017. The Board Chair and Superintendent of Schools shared information and displayed large boards of the maps for parents who reviewed the options, asked questions, and  provided feedback. The feedback form was also posted on this site throughout April. 

At the May 22 Board Meeting, all parent comments and preferences as well as Board questions were made public. The Superintendent also conducted a brief presentation providing answers to Board of Education questions as well as reoccurring parent redistricting requests. Please scroll below for PDF copies of the three draft options and links to relevant documents. 

Current Redistricting Timeline

  • Public Hearing on the Redistricting Plans has been set for June 5 at 7:30 pm in Town Council Chambers. The public is invited to share their ideas and preferences at this Public Hearing.
  • The Board will next meet on June 12  at 7:30 pm in Town Council Chambers in order to make a final decision on a scenario and any changes they wish to make to that scenario. Board members wish to make the decision, if possible, before the school year ends and parents go on vacation and are unable to attend meetings.

Draft Redistricting Maps

  • Please click below  to open a PDF document of the map. 
  • Use your browser's tools to enlarge the map to be able to view street names.
Scenario 1 redistricting map
Draft Scenario 1: Click to Open
Scenario 2 redistricting map
Draft Scenario 2: Click to Open
Scenario 3 redistricting map
Draft Scenario 3: Click to Open