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School Meal Accounts

For information on our cafeteria payment options, please click here. is an online portal between parents and their children’s schools. It allows parents to manage their children’s meal accounts, and at the same time lowers Glastonbury school administrative and maintenance costs.

This secure service allows parents to make deposits into their children’s meal accounts online at their convenience. A small transaction fee is charged to cover credit card and ACH costs. To save parents time and money, deposits can be made into all of their children’s accounts in a single transaction. Services include:

Low Balance Notification

Parents can opt to receive an email, letting them know their children’s meal accounts have gone below a predetermined minimum balance.

Student Meal Tracking

Parents can stay up-to-date on what foods their children are eating.

Student Account Balance Monitoring

Parents can keep tabs on how much money is left in their children’s meal accounts. 

Click here to access to learn more and to set up an account.