Mission and Strategic Plan

The strategic planning process is vital to the district’s ongoing assessment and revision of current educational practices. The mission, goals, and indicators of success are revised every five years to ensure that the school system is responsive to changes in expected learning outcomes for our students. The planning process sets the course for action planning, allocation of resources, and shared understanding of expectations.

strategic plan logo - globe circled with text of the plan's 3 goals
In the spring of 2012, Glastonbury Public Schools completed the fourth generation strategic planning process for the 2012-2018 school years. Staff and community members were involved in goal setting through surveys, focus groups or through committee involvement. The formal planning committee consisted of all members of the Board of Education, membership from the Board of Finance and Town Council, representatives from the district and building level administration, teachers, parents, and community members.

The planning process was completed in two phases. Phase One included an orientation, revision of the district mission statement, goal analysis, and goal prioritization. Phase Two involved the creation of planning frameworks to achieve the set goals.

The 2012-2018 plan includes major revisions that reflect changing expectations in learning, instruction, technology integration, 21st century skills, and post-secondary readiness. At the forefront of the plan, high expectation for student achievement continues as the primary district goal. As with previous generations, the new plan will drive all district and school initiatives over the next five years. The plan will serve to refine and extend the direction of our school system to guarantee our ongoing responsiveness and success in meeting the needs of all students. The organizational values of Glastonbury Public Schools will guide the development of our new plan:

Glastonbury Public Schools Organizational Values

  • We place the education and welfare of our students at the center of all decision-making.
  • We hold high expectations for the development and achievement of every student.
  • We cultivate innovative practices to meet changing conditions and needs.
  • We respect and nurture the partnership between school, home and community members.
  • We attract and support quality personnel who champion our values, mission and goals.
  • We provide necessary resources to support our educational practices with an understanding of our fiscal responsibilities to the community.

Mission Statement

The Glastonbury Public Schools, in partnership with the entire community, prepares and challenges every student to become a successful and productive member of our diverse and evolving global society. To fulfill this Mission, we believe we must:
  • Set high expectations for all students. 
  • Ensure the acquisition of 21st century knowledge and skills. 
  • Promote personal, civic, and social responsibility. 
  • Provide a safe and supportive learning environment. 
  • Support and encourage professional learning for all staff. 
  • Foster parental and community-wide collaboration and communication. 
  • Make prudent decisions regarding financial resources.

Fourth Generation Strategic Goals

  1. Promote High Achievement for All Students
  2. Ensure Support, Growth, and Accountability of All Staff
  3. Build a 21st Century Learning Environment
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